The All Girl Revue

The All Girl Revue
Jill Talley, Maureen Kelly,Ruth Rudnick, Jane Morris, Mary Wachtel, Edie McClurg, Kathleen Campbell and Dee Ryan

Monday, October 8, 2012

What We Did Last Summer

Jane Morris directs Cloris Leachman
Whew! We finished up the first leg of the Hot Flash Road Show for Poise with Sherrie Shepherd and Cloris Leachman. The show will be posted online in a week or two, so we'll happily show you the wonderful results. We loved working with Mo Gaffney, both as the writer of the whole show and on stage with her. What a gal!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that there will be a second leg to the show. We had such a beautiful trip doing the show at a fancy theatre in Midtown Manhattan and right here in LA at the lovely Brentwood Theater. We especially would like to thank the staff and crew at the Brentwood, who make doing live theater a real pleasure.

Every single person who walked out of that show walked out laughing and happy. Us, too! Because, boy, that was a ton of work! Thanks also to Lee Costello, our stage manager and to Fred Kaz, for being Fred Kaz and the glue that held the whole show together.

Looking forward to our next opportunity to do sketch shows and industrials.

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